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Kill The Wave: A Public Service Announcement From The Nationals Bullpen

Technically, we're competitors with Dan Steinberg and Sarah Kogod, the keepers of the D.C. Sports Bog. However, the issue that we're about to discuss is so important that we have no issues spreading the word.

Anyway, Sarah Kogod, doing the Lord's work, tracked down members of the Nats bullpen to ask them about the wave, which most infamously made an appearance during the crucial series against Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. For the record, here's how we reacted to it.

Now, we're just some guy watching the game with his computer on his lap. But here's how the Nationals relievers look at it.

"Kill it," reliever Ryan Mattheus told her. "It's the worst thing in sports. Sit down and watch the game....The thing about it is, you should be into what's going on on the field, not what's going on in the stands. It takes away from the game. I definitely understand why people hate it....I definitely vote kill the wave."

"If we're in the fifth or sixth inning and up by a touchdown, maybe mix in the wave if you want," [said Drew Storen]. "But if it's the eighth inning and a one-run game, you shouldn't be starting the wave."

So there you go, fans. Do it for Ryan. Do it for Drew. Kill the wave. (#killthewave)