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Cubs Vs. Nationals: Benches Clear Twice During Series Finale

For the fourth straight night, the Washington Nationals are beating up on the Chicago Cubs and frustrations boiled over with two bench clearing incidents Thursday.

It started in the bottom of the fifth inning when Cubs bench coach Jamie Quirk starting angrily shouting from the dugout. The Cubs are obviously frustrated by the one-sided four-game series and up 7-2, the Nationals stole two bases in the fifth -- likely turning some of their frustration to anger. Quirk might also have been upset that Werth had swung at a 3-0 pitch with the five-run lead. Nationals third-base coach Bo Porter went over to the railing to give it back to Quirk and the benches cleared during the contretemps. No punches were thrown and Quirk was ejected.

Then, in the sixth inning, Cubs reliever Lendy Castillo threw an inside pitch at Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper. Castillo missed Harper, but play was halted as the rookie stepped out and sent his thoughts to the mound. The benches cleared and there was plenty of jawing back and forth, with minor pushing and shoving on both sides. Michael Morse and Edwin Jackson seemed the most worked up on the Washington side of things. Cubs catcher Steve Clevenger came into the confrontation hot, initiating the pushing and riling up both Morse and Jackson. Clevenger and Chicago reliever Manuel Corpas were ejected for Chicago. Michael Gonzalez of the Nationals was also sent to the showers for overheating as the bullpens made their way back to the outfield. Castillo was allowed to remain in the game. Warnings were issued to both sides.

Washington leads, 9-2 after six innings.

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