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Maryland vs. Temple Score Update: Owls Gaining Ground Thanks To Porous Terps Secondary, Maryland Leads 29-17 After Third

After a fantastic second quarter, the Terps had some big setbacks in the third, thanks to a porous secondary and some key mental errors. They now lead 29-17, heading into the fourth quarter.

Maryland's first play from scrimmage was a fumble lost by Wes Brown, and Temple followed up with a play-action completion from Chris Coyer to Jalen Fitzpatrick for 28 yards to bring them within the ten-yard line. The Owls then pounded the ball in, with a six-yard run from Coyer followed up by a one-yard score from Kenny Harper, cutting the Terrapin lead to 26-10.

On the next drive, the Terps looked in trouble after Justus Pickett was stuffed after a one-yard gain and Perry Hills was sacked for a seven-yard loss, but Hills chucked the ball downfield to Marcus Leak on 3rd-and-17 for a huge 39-yard gain. Two plays later, Leak came up big again - this time with a 20-yard reception over the middle.

On third-and-three at the Owls' 14, it appeared Temple had stopped Perry Hills after a one-yard gain, but another personal foul was called (this time a facemask) giving Maryland a goal-line opportunity. After another Owl sack, Stefon Diggs ran for five yards, and Brad Craddock made the 26-yard field goal off the post to make it 29-10.

On the second play of Temple's next drive, a perfect play-action play found Chris Coyer with a wide-open C.J. Hammond for a 62-yard touchdown. True freshman safety Sean Davis bit hard on the fake, and the Terps' secondary was exposed, cutting the lead to 29-17.

After a three-and-out for Maryland, the Terps forced a 4th-and-1 near midfield for the Owls, and Temple completed a play-action pass to John Christopher to extend the drive. Three plays later, Coyer completed a 26-yard pass to Alex Jackson to bring the Owls into the red zone.