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Austin Peay Vs. Virginia Tech: Hokies Lead At Halftime, 21-0

Virginia Tech jumped out to a 21-0 halftime lead against Austin Peay on Saturday. The Hokies have outmatched the FCS level Austin Peay in all facets, and especially in total yards, with Virginia Tech going for 205 total yards in the first half compared to Austin Peay's 95.

Michael Holmes scored on a two-yard touchdown run that led to the Hokies 7-0 lead. Virginia Tech scored two touchdowns in the second quarter. There was a five-play, 42-yard touchdown drive that ended with Logan Thomas rushing for a touchdown.

Later, Thomas connected with Corey Fuller for a 30-yard touchdown toss to give the Hokies a commanding lead.

Wes Kitts is leading Austin Peay with 57 yards on the ground on 15 carries, while quarterback Jake Ryan was just four-of-11 on 11 yards passing.

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