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RGIII surprises Mike Shanahan at press conference, asks coach how he spent New Year's

Yep, Robert Griffin III seems really nervous before his first playoff game.

There will be three rookies starting NFL playoff games this coming weekend. So far, only one of them has posed as a reporter to ask his head coach how he spent his New Year's Rockin' Eve (registered trademark of Dick Clark Productions, a former subsidiary of Red Zone Capital Management).

Video below via CSN Washington.

Of course, keep in mind that RGIII's opposite number, Russell Wilson, is coached by Pete "pumped and jacked" Carroll, who's so easygoing, he probably does the same thing to his players every week, just to keep things fresh.

Anyway, Griffin's stunt was completely harmless, and actually got a chuckle (followed by a relatively straightforward answer) from the head coach.

Ah, these are such happy times in Ashburn. The sun is shining, birds are singing, the Redskins are back in the playoffs, the traffic on Interstate 66 is almost tolerable ... well, actually scratch that last one.