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2013 NFL Playoffs: Kyle Shanahan says he's 'definitely' interested in NFL head coaching job

Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan told the media he is interested in a head coaching position at the NFL level.

Patrick McDermott

Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has indicated that he is interested in potential NFL head coaching jobs in the future, but is currently focused on the Redskins playoff game.

Shanahan spoke to the media on Thursday, and discussed his interest level in a NFL head coaching position. Shanahan stated that he is "definitely" interested in coaching an NFL team in the future, and that he hopes that "someday I get that opportunity."

Despite his interest, the offensive coordinator appears focused on the Redskins upcoming playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. Shanahan said the had no plans to interview for a job until the Redskins season is over. Shanahan also said that he has no idea if team's have attempted to contact him, since he does not keep an agent, and "I haven't answered my phone in six months."

The son of Washington head coach Mike Shanahan also informed the media that he has not thought about the available head coaching jobs very much, but that he "feels confident" in any situation.