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Budweiser Super Bowl commercials 2013: Name that Clydesdale

The King of Beers went a different route with its Super Bowl ad this year.

Budweiser took a different approach with its Super Bowl ad this year.

Instead of a funny commercial that we have come to expect from the beer company, Budweiser took a more serious approach in an ad that may even produce a few tears for the viewers.

Budweiser is not only the King of Beers, but the company has become the king of commercials as well, consistently delivering the best advertisements, especially during the Super Bowl.

This commercial is in reference to the company's famous Clydesdale horses. The one featured in the commercial was just seven months old at the time of the taping for this ad. At the end of the commercial, Budweiser calls for viewers to name the baby Clydesdale in this commercial using the hashtag #Clydesdale on Twitter.

Budweiser has used Clydesdale horses in advertising since introducing them to the public in 1933. They make appearances nationwide in support of the company.