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I have worked in radio for many years, and I've been a huge DC sports fan for longer than that. I am no expert; I'm a loud guy with a microphone and sack full of opinions. As a big fan and supporter of mixed martial arts, I am very avid in my motivation to get the sport into the mainstream. Join me on a wonderful journey filled with screaming and profanity. I currently do a radio show with LaVar Arrington on 1067 The Fan and a TV show called "Sports Week" on DC50. And I have lots of other projects I'm guessing you aren't interested in. Follow me on Twitter!

Washington D.C. Needs The Capitals To Get It In Order And Start Winning

Washington D.C. sports fans need the Washington Capitals to get it together and win. They need it now more than ever.

What Did Mike Shanahan Really Accomplish In His First Season With The Redskins?

The Redskins didn't win or really rebuld in 2010. So what did they do, exactly, in Mike Shanahan's first year as head coach?

Are Washington Redskins Fans Willing To Wait To Win?

The Redskins seem to think their fanbase is too impatient to sit through a long rebounding effort, but is that really true? Would you have been willing to accept not trading for Donovan McNabb and instead using 2010 as a transitional year?