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JP Finlay grew up rooting for every DC team imaginable and knew the second verse to Hail to the Redskins way before it was cool. His proudest moment came watching the Maryland Terps win the men's basketball title in Atlanta in 2002. Well that, or eating 13 Taco Bell burritos in one night at SXSW in 2010. Finlay claims that he once sneaked into a club and partied with Nick Young, watched Alex Ovechkin take shots at a black-tie event and, at 15, was refused an autograph from Sonny Jurgensen.

North Carolina Vs. Maryland: For Terps, Maybe The Real Alex Len Stood Up

Maryland freshman center Alex Len took significant strides against North Carolina on Saturday afternoon. How much can the Ukranian and the Terps help each other?

Super Bowl 2012 Pick And Prediction: Can Eli Manning Pull Off Another Upset?

It's finally here. Who does our resident NFL picks expert believe will win the Super Bowl?

Virginia Tech Vs. Maryland: Why Sean Mosely Teporarily Saved Terps' Season

Why Sean Mosely may have temporarily saved Maryland's season with clutch play against Virginia Tech.

Gary Williams Court-Naming Ceremony Proves He's Still Very Much At Center Of Maryland Basketball

He may not be the coach anymore, and he may be trying to step away, but despite his best efforts, Gary Williams is still very much at the center of Maryland basketball.

Gary Williams Court Christened, Former Maryland Basketball Coach Thanks Players, Fans And Students

NFC And AFC Championship Game 2012 Picks And Predictions: A Super Bowl Repeat?

Will we see a Super Bowl rematch? Our picks for championship weekend are in.

Nick Faust Emerges Vs. Georgia Tech, And Maryland Basketball Needs Him To Keep It Going

An Emerging Nick Faust Could Play Key Role For Maryland Terrapins

Divisional Round NFL Playoffs Picks 2012: Can Tim Tebow Keep Magic Going Vs. Patriots

Can Tim Tebow win in the divisional round? What did the Redskins teach us about the Giants? That and more in this week's NFL picks.

Wake Forest Vs. Maryland: Offensive Rebounding Makes Difference In Mark Turgeon's First ACC Win

The Terps picked up their first ACC win thanks to an outstanding performance on the offensive glass. How'd they do it? Can it continue? We try to answer those questions.

VIDEO: Bryce Harper Stays 'Humble' In New Under Armour Commercial