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Ken Meringolo is a die-hard fan of all his hometown Washington teams, no matter how mediocre the season. His son's first words were, "At least we don't live in Cleveland." He is also the senior editor over at, SB Nation's Redskins blog.

Santana Moss Not Undersized In the Big-Time Department For Redskins Fans

Santana Moss may have been an undersized No. 1 receiver, but he came up big when it mattered most to us. We take a minute to appreciate that now that he may be headed out of town.

Super Bowl XLV Gives Redskins A Lesson In Solid Drafting

Perhaps the Redskins' front office will observe how both Super Bowl teams have committed to building their rosters through the draft. Perhaps.

2011 NFL Mock Draft: The Redskins Should Not Take A Quarterback

The Redskins are projected to pick a quarterback with their first draft pick, and we tell you why that would be a terrible idea.

D.C. Rank And File: Top 5 Reasons 2011 Will Be Better Year For D.C. Sports Fans Than 2010

With 2010 soon to be in our rearview mirror, we look with hope to 2011. Here are some of the reasons we are hopeful.

D.C. Rank and File: Forget Christmas Spirit, Which D.C. Sports Figures Have Been Naughty In 2010?

This week we separate the Naughty from the Nice. Which DC sports figures were Naughty in 2010?

D.C. Rank and File: Why Beating The Dallas Cowboys Still Matters To Washington Redskins Fans

Redskins fans are struggling to find reasons to keep tuning into the awfulness that transpires each week. It should be a little easier this week against their rival, the Dallas Cowboys.

Top Five Reasons Albert Haynesworth's Suspension Means Brighter 2011 For Washington Redskins

Five reasons why the end of the Albert Haynesworth era is the beginning of the next great era in Washington Redskins football.

D.C. Rank and File: Washington D.C.'s Coaches Haven't Been Here Long

Every major pro sports team (of the 5) in D.C. boasts a coach who has yet to record a third full regular season.

Thank You Sean Taylor, And Why Washington Redskins Fans Say 'We' When We Think Of You

We pause to remember a great Washington player, Sean Taylor. For fans who will never forget, his spirit and determination on and off the field continue to inspire.

D.C. Rank And File: Top Five Video Game Athletes With Local Ties

Our favorite sports video games are filled with athletes who either hailed from the DC area or play for our pro teams. Which ones are the most fun to take control of?