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Born in New Hampshire, educated in New York, live in Virginia. Couldn't hit a curveball (or much else, either), so decided to start writing about sports rather than play them. Formerly of, the New Hampshire Union Leader/Sunday News, Editor and Publisher magazine, a host of NYU student publications and, way back when, Manchester Community Television. Still waiting for Newcastle United to lift some silverware.

Redskins-Seahawks: Two thoughts on Sunday's game

Two discourses -- one brief, one not-so-brief -- on the loss that ended Washington's 2012-13 season.

Rookie QBs find instant success

For the second straight season, teams led by two rookie quarterbacks meet in a playoff game.

RGIII asks Shanahan how he spent New Year's Eve

Yep, Robert Griffin III seems really nervous before his first playoff game.

This stream has:

Redskins fall 24-14 to Seattle, RGIII Injured

The Washington Redskins season ends with a home loss in the NFC Wild Card round.

Redskins announce playoff ticket sellout

The Redskins announce that they have no more tickets available for Sunday's game.

Ovechkin announces engagement to Kirilenko

The Capitals left winger puts a ring on it.

Redskins-Cowboys gives NBC record ratings

Washington D.C. gives the NBC telecast a 44.6 overnight rating and a 68 (!) share.

Redskins fan tackles Christmas tree to celebrate

Well, at least one Redskins fan will honor his promises.

A game that reminded us why we watch

Sunday night, the Washington Redskins made their fans feel a long-dormant emotion: pure exhilaration.

Two Dallas games, three seasons apart

What a difference 841 days make.