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When not blogging, Scott Jackson can be heard Monday through Friday on ESPN980, where he co-hosts "Inside the Locker Room" with two of his favorite former Redskins, Doc Walker and Brian Mitchell. Scott is the only one of the three without a Super Bowl ring, but likes to point out that he has won many a fantasy football title.

RGIII is taking greatness to another level

RGIII continues to amaze, and three cheers for five Redskins keeping him upright.

RGIII delivers hope after the Nats collapse

Redskins rookie Robert Griffin III continues to exceed the hype as he gets ready for the biggest test of his young career. Meanwhile, the Nationals season comes to a bitter end.

Nats nearly done, RGIII needs to find sideline

The Nationals are in a dire situation at home, and the Redskins franchise player needs to find the sidelines.

Chain Reactions: Teddy wins! Nats clinch, too

The Nationals own baseball's best record and clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs, Teddy finally WINS, and the 'Skins need a homefield advantage of their own.

Can the Redskins protect RGIII?

Can the Redskins protect RGIII for the long haul and still allow him to be him?

Chain Reactions: RGIII Proves He's Franchise QB

The Redskins paid a hefty price for RGIII, but he's worth it and then some. Plus, next man up time on the 'Skins defense, and the NHL lockout affects more than just players and fans.

Chain Reactions: Super Start for RGIII

You could not have asked for much more from RGIII in his Redskins debut. What's next for him and the 'Skins? Plus: Stephen Strasburg might be done, but John Lannan is just getting started.

Chain Reactions: RGIII Hopes To Feel At Home In New Orleans; A Beltway World Series?

RGIII will face his biggest road test in Week 1; for area baseball fans, a dream World Series is still in play.

Chain Reactions: Is Cutting Cooley the Right Call?

Chris Cooley's release is not a shock, but why did the Redskins wait? Also, it is not time to panic for the Nationals ... yet.

Chain Reactions: Strasburg's Starts Are Numbered; A Reminder That RGIII Is A Rookie

The Nationals reveal more details about the most controversial shutdown in baseball history, and the Bears remind us that the Redskins' Savior is still a rookie.