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When not blogging, Scott Jackson can be heard Monday through Friday on ESPN980, where he co-hosts "Inside the Locker Room" with two of his favorite former Redskins, Doc Walker and Brian Mitchell. Scott is the only one of the three without a Super Bowl ring, but likes to point out that he has won many a fantasy football title.

Chain Reactions: Nats Are National News; For Starters, RGIII Didn't Stink

The "Strasburg Shutdown" is a bigger debate than Obama v. Romney, while for starters RGIII looks like the real deal.

Chain Reactions: The Redskins' Buffalo Goals; The Nats Put The Nation On Mute

The Redskins' three important objectives Thursday night, the Nats aren't listening to outside noise, and please Let Teddy Win already.

Chain Reactions: Tired of Talking About Redskins Practice

A small player could have big impact on RGIII's success, the Nats stay the course, and face of the Wizards'franchise talks the talk.

Chain Reactions: 3 Non-RGIII Questions for Redskins Camp

It is not all about RGIII when it comes to the upcoming Redskins season. In this week's "Chain Reactions," we tackle 3 questions that don't involve the most famous QB never to throw an NFL pass.

Chain Reactions: RGIII In, Andray Blatche Out

This week, let RGIII mania begin as he signs his deal. Also, "Lap Dance Tuesdays" will never be the same as the Wizards say goodbye to Andray Blatche.

Chain Reactions: Vegas Loves The Nats, Desmond's Sacrifice, And A Wizards Retirement Plan

In this week's "Chain Reactions" the Nats are no longer a Vegas underdog, Ian Desmond makes a sacrifice, and a retirement plan for Wizards.

Chain Reactions: The Nats' Biggest Competition; D-Day Coming For Wizards

This week's "Chain Reactions" have a double shot of Nats thoughts. Plus, a look at the D-Day that's coming for 'Dray and the Wizards.

Chain Reactions: Drafting a Plan for the Wizards Draft And The Deal That Got Done

The Wizards' draft history has not been pretty, but perhaps tonight's will be better thanks to the plan revealed in this week's "Chain Reactions."

Chain Reactions: The Wizards' Real Deal Option At No. 3, Nats Need A No. 5

Could the Wizards find the Real Deal at No. 3? Plus, the Nationals need to find someone that can deal at No.5.

Chain Reactions: The Wizards' Big Choice at No. 3 and The Nats Skipper Shines

In this week's edition of "Chain Reactions," why Wizards fans should be "Thunder Struck", why the Wiz may go big at No. 3, and a tip of the cap to the Nats' skipper.