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Chain Reactions

World won't end if Redskins keep Cousins

In the end of the world edition of "Chain Reactions," the Redskins shouldn't throw Cousins away to the highest bidder quite yet, and RGIII is getting ready for a return in the nick of time.

Will RGIII's knee derail 'Skins postseason push?

RGIII's status still unclear as the Redskins try to make it 5 straight. Plus, what a plan B will look like, and the Wizards deal that didn't take place.

Redskins-Ravens: The non-rivalry 'rivalry' game

The Redskins try to make it four straight wins as they meet the Ravens, Trent Williams' redemption season continues, and Pierre Garcon finally makes a big impact.

RGIII gets Skins ready for primetime

RGIII looks to overcome another obstacle for the Skins, Nats get a leadoff man, and the Wizards finally winners for at least a night.

Suddenly, Redskins season has life

The Redskins finally beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving as RGIII adds another chapter to his legendary rookie season.

Breaking down the Redskins at the bye week

Slightly more than halfway through the 2012 season, we look at the good, bad, and ugly sides of the Washington Redskins.

Scariest thing in D.C. Sports: the Redskins' D

Halloween may be gone, but there are still some scary things on the D.C. sports scene, like the Redskins' defense and the start of another Wizards season.

RGIII is taking greatness to another level

RGIII continues to amaze, and three cheers for five Redskins keeping him upright.

Chain Reactions: The Redskins' Buffalo Goals; The Nats Put The Nation On Mute

The Redskins' three important objectives Thursday night, the Nats aren't listening to outside noise, and please Let Teddy Win already.

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins QB Concerns, Play Maryland Or Else And Bryce Harper Wants To Go Deep

A look at the biggest news in DC sports, from the Redskins quarterback situation to the rise of Bryce Harper.

Chain Reactions: Could Washington D.C. Become Peyton Manning's Place?

Should the Washington Redskins pursue Peyton Manning? Here's one argument saying they should. At least hear us out.

Chain Reactions: Flip Saunders Wins Lottery, Alex Ovechkin In Penalty Box And No Prince Fielder In D.C.

The Wizards trying to Flip the season around, the Capitals' star is taking his stick and going home instead of to the All-Star game and the Nationals swing and miss on a Prince.

Chain Reactions: Washington Wizards Make Top Plays And Alex Smith Provides A Blueprint For Redskins

Javale ME-Gee makes top 10 plays for all the wrong reasons, but it is hardly the biggest crime in Wizards' history. Plus, could the Redskins have an Alex Smith on their roster? What do the Capitals do about Mike Green this summer?

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Retool Coaching Staff, But Is A Quarterback Next?

Another intriguing quarterback option is in the draft, but will the Redskins go all in for him? Plus, is it time for the Wizards to get a draft campaign together? Are the Nationals out or in the Prince Fielder sweepstakes?

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Head Into Pivotal Offseason

You know what Steve Spurrier would have said about this Redskins' season? This week's Chain Reactions deals with the team's needs this offseason, the two no-longer-suspended dopes and the Nationals needing a Prince.

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Fans Have Wish List Changed With Late-Season Wins

This week's Chain Reactions checks in on whether late season wins actually carry over in the NFL, the price of being No. 1 and if Dale Hunter is a one and done in D.C.?

Chain Reactions: Let's Talk About Rex Grossman

This week's Chain Reactions deals with the idea of bringing Rex Grossman back to the Redskins for another season, DeAngelo Hall's misadventures Sunday and Christmas coming early for Terps football fans.

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Hit A Low As A Pair Get High

The Redskins' season hits a new low as two players get suspended for getting high, but what does the future hold for Trent Williams and Fred Davis? Also, some Nationals hot stove and NHL realignment talk.

Chain Reactions: Bruce Boudreau's Firing Headlines Bittersweet Week in D.C. Sports

It's great to have Dale Hunter back, but it's sad to see Bruce Boudreau go. Also, should Redskins fans be upset their team won on Sunday?

Chain Reactions: The Kyle Orton Option For Redskins And Caps Early Season Drama Continues

The Redskins score a "moral" victory, and now should they score another veteran quarterbacl? Plus, the Capitals' coach goes all in -- will his superstars follow?

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Not At Rock Bottom ... Yet

This week's Chain Reactions goes three and out, like the Washington Redskins' offense. We discuss the sorry state of quarterbacks, Dallas week and the lagging running game.

Chain Reactions: Assessing Progress Of Washington Redskins' 'Rebuild'

This week's edition of Chain Reactions looks at the Redskins "rebuilding progress, confirmation Mike Shanahan was right about Fat Albert, Randy Edsall getting ready for a political career and the Capitals being dubbed as "losers."

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins' Offense Bad In Two Countries

The Redskins' offense continues to stink even on Canadian soil, so is it time for a change with the play-caller?

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Injuries Mean It's Next Man Up Time

John Beck is no Cam Newton but the quarterback made some plays, including one the day after the game. Also, the injuries to veterans is a big opportunity for the Redskins' youth as they head north of the border to face the Bills.

Chain Reactions: John Beck Named Quarterback, Will Third Time Be Charm For Redskins?

This week, we explain why the decision to bench Rex Grossman had to made quick hook or not, how the defense is getting it done and why Redskins fans should not be cheering Donovan McNabb's latest setback.

Chain Reactions: Are Washington Redskins Ready To Finish Off 'Dream Team?'

The Washington Redskins can pull a Tony Soprano on their division rivals from Philadelphia if they can commit to ground and pound. Plus, who would have guessed the Terps, and not the Redskins, would deal with a QB controversy.

Chain Reactions: Strong Start for Washington Redskins, But Still A Long Way To Go

The Redskins hit the quarter pole at 3-1 and can enjoy their week off thanks to Ryan Torain and a dominant defensive performance in St. Louis. Plus, the Capitals get set to start another Stanley Cup or bust campaign.

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Fans Prepare For Long Week

Losing stinks, but losing to Dallas is 100 times worse. This week's edition of Chain Reactions looks at the many angles of disappointment in Big D.

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Undefeated Heading Into 'Dallas Week'

Does Dallas Week still matter? How do we judge the Redskins after two weeks? What's next for Georgetown with this latest round of conference realignment. All that and more in this week's Chain Reactions.

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Exorcise 'Giant' Demon

This week, we cover a strong start for the Washington Redskins, some sour grapes on the Giants' end and look ahead to Maryland's showdown against West Virginia.

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Quarterback Situation Settled, Maryland Makes Fashion Statement

This week's edition takes a look at the Redskins' QB situation that is settled (for now), preseason numbers that matter, a brewing Redskins soap opera, Maryland's fashion statement and Strasmas Part II.

Chain Reactions: Washington Redskins Vegas Odds, Strasmas Part II And More

Las Vegas doesn't like the Redskins this year, but is that fair? Also, we discuss Strasmas Part II and LeBron James finally joining the right bandwagon.