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D.C. United's Barra Brava To Honor One Of Their Own Wednesday

If you were in D.C. United's Barra Brava superfan group, you knew Javier "Chico" Solares, who died suddenly Tuesday night. Even if you weren't, there was a very good chance you knew him, anyway. Over at the Post, Dan Steinberg wrote a brief, very nice piece about Chico, which we'll let speak for us, too.

He shared the Washington fan's disdain for several other cities and teams, but he was actually a voice of reason on most sports topics. And he was consistently supportive to me, from the first month this blog launched until the end.

United plays the Montreal Impact Wednesday night at RFK Stadium, which will likely be an emotional evening for many of the supporters and support groups. To pay tribute to Chico, a minute's silence will be held during the 12th minute of Wednesday's match.

Anyone who's listened to the constant hum of the supporters' groups during a United match knows how eerie the silence will be, and thus how fitting a tribute it is.