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200 Albanians To Cheer On Hamdi Salihi, D.C. United Against New York Red Bulls This Weekend

There are a lot of weekends that we wish we were in New York, but after this tweet from D.C. United supporter group Screaming Eagles, we really want to be in New York City this weekend.

We can picture it now: 200 black-and-red-clad Albanians (it's their national color as well as D.C. United's colors, and the two entities even share the same eagle symbol) marching with the Screaming Eagles through the permanent construction site that is Harrison, N.J.

Inspiring stuff.

And speaking of inspiring stuff, we fully second Martin Shatzer's appeal to get on the United bandwagon over at Black And Red United.

Mr. or Mrs. D.C. Sports Fan, I want you to support United because I want you to be a part of something special. This team is currently leading its conference. This team has a legitimate shot at winning a championship just five months from now, and you could feel the thrills of victory that you haven't felt in 20 years if you just start watching. Just start showing up. Get the eff on the bandwagon.

Let's do it.