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Proposed D.C. United Stadium Would Cost $157 Million, According To Report

It was with great interest that we read the Washington Post story by Jonathan O'Connell that reports on a survey done by the Minneapolis-based Convention, Sports & Leisure International that put the cost of a 24,000-seat soccer specific stadium at $157 million.

The money graf:

The study envisions a 24,000-seat stadium - with 50 suites, 240 loge seats and 1,200 club seats - on Buzzard Point in Southwest Washington. It would hold 17 league matches a year for United as well 25 to 37 other events, including international and college soccer matches, concerts and community events.

To which we say, "Sign us up!"

There are many perfectly good quality-of-life reasons for D.C. United to construct a new set-up on Buzzards Point, with the city kicking in land and infrastructure. RFK Stadium, for all its glorious history, is, at this point, an eyesore. After United's dip in the standings c. 2009-10, it's probably the one factor that keeps most potential United fans away (there is precedent or this in MLS, like Sporting Kansas City's attendance jump when they moved to their own place).

Of course, so long as the city insists on keeping D.C. United around as part of some misguided ploy to bring the Redskins back, then there's every chance the team will leave for Baltimore, which while it may not make a dent in many people's conscience, would be a big blow to the city's sporting prestige.

Our tongue-in-cheek recommendation to United: Get some relatives of City Councilmembers on your payroll, stat!