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Washington Freedom Players React To Team Folding

With news that the Washington Freedom franchise and FC Gold Pride are folding up shop there is obvious concern over the future of the WPS to continue it's existence next year. Obviously, players around the league are reacting to the news negatively, as the further erosion of clubs points to a troubling trend that professional women's athletics has difficulty attracting an audience in the United States.

Some reaction from around the WPS:

Hope Solo - Atlanta Beat

Its a sad day for womens athletics and for the beautiful game of soccer. What do we tell the young children with dreams?

To change their dream? Come on America, we're better than this.

Kati Jo Spisak - Washington Freedom

Maybe I'll tryout for the WNBA now...?

Other players such as Cat Whitehill seem uncertain as to whether the teams are folding or not are seem to be reserving comment until they are further informed. Unfortunately, one could see this as a possible indicator that not only do women's sports have issue taking hold in the DMV region, but soccer too seems to be losing a foothold to other hotbeds in the nation.