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Washington Freedom Will Return To WPS Next Season

It looks like the Washington Freedom will stick around after all. Reports surfaced two weeks ago that the team would fold, but they were among the teams listed on the confirmed Women Professional Soccer participants today in a press release on the league's web site.

So what happened? According to a report by the Marietta Daily Journal, the Freedom got some last-minute investors that allowed them to maintain their organization.

Although Washington Freedom president Mark Washo said that his club was " the 90th minute" in finding investors, the club was able to reach its goal, saving Women's Professional Soccer from ceasing operation.

"It is a bunch of dedicated people that really want this to work," Atlanta owner Fitz Johnson said. "I can't say enough about how much work is going into how much people want this league to survive. That's shown by all the results."

Johnson did not disclose the new owners, but did say they would assume full control of the franchise. FC Gold Pride, the other team that was slated to fold, was unable to come up with new investors and will not play this season.