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Could Washington, D.C. Host The 2022 World Cup? We'll Find Out For Sure On December 2

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It seems pretty farfetched that we would actually see an event as huge as the World Cup come to Washington D.C., but there's actually a bit of a chance. The United States is bidding to host the 2022 World Cup, and Washington D.C. is one of 18 cities they are putting up for consideration. Considering that several of the other cities include ones with no chance to getting the bid (i.e. Indianapolis, Kansas City, Nashville, Phoenix and Tampa Bay), Washington D.C. may have a greater chance than you think.


We'll find out the answer for sure shortly. On Thursday, Dec. 2, there will be an official announcement viewing party at the Newseum, specifically, the Great Hall of News. Why the Newseum? I'm not sure, but I didn't plan the event. The Washington, D.C. Local Bid Committee did, and I'm sure there's a reason it's at that location. Doors will open to the general public at 10 a.m., and the official announcement will follow at 10:30.




The World Cup in Washington D.C.? Hey, anything is possible.