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VIDEO: Dwayne De Rosario's Goal That Almost Brought D.C. United Back

D.C. United's playoff hopes ended with a 1-1 draw to the Portland Timbers at RFK Stadium on Wednesday night, but not before one last bit of magic from Dwayne De Rosario. De Rosario scored his 13th goal since being acquired by D.C. United on June 27, and it was in a huge spot in the 72nd minute.

Alas, it was not enough to give D.C. United the win, but it was enough to convince Timbers head coach John Spencer to make some strong statements after the game.

[Timbers] Head Coach John Spencer: "If [Dwayne De Rosario] doesn’t get MVP of the League there’s something wrong. Plain and simple." ... "For the last 3 months of the season he’s been the best player in the League by far, country mile. He needs to win MVP."

Giving the MVP to a player on a non-playoff team is not usually done, but as we've noted before, De Rosario may be an exception. Here's video of the goal.