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Kevin Payne Discusses D.C. United's Future, Is Both Forthcoming And Evasive

In a way, I feel for D.C. United club president Kevin Payne, who has to answer essential questions about the long-term future of D.C. United. It's a tough situation, and he has to provide enough answers to appease his team's fanbase while not giving away too much information that would threaten any of the work he and his team is trying to do to determine the club's future.

That's why you end up getting something like this interview of Payne by Steven Goff of the Washington Post. Goff asks the essential questions, and Payne sort of answers them. Here's an example of what I mean.

"I hate to put a date on things. It’s not like we’re not working on this, but it’s not easy. It’s complicated. And it’s not something that lends itself to being negotiated in the media. I know it’s frustrating for our fans, but trust me, it’s a lot more frustrating for us. We’re doing the best we can. We’re pushing as hard as we can. I think everyone is dealing in good faith. We certainly hope we have some resolution sooner rather than later, but I’m not going to put a time on it."

That's really the only answer he can give, and it sounds so flimsy. Anyway, the whole thing is worth reading. Truth be told, I'm burying the lede here. This is the part that should concern D.C. United fans.

"I don’t think [owner Will Chang] is very happy about what this is costing him. When I say things like ‘the current deal at RFK is unsustainable as a business,’ at the end of the business is a person who is writing big checks. There is a point at which he’s not going to write those checks."

That part of the story isn't new news, but when it's put that way, it's scary.