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D.C. United Relocation: MLS Distributes Survey Gauging Interest In Baltimore Market

A few months ago reports came out that D.C. United might consider a move to Baltimore if they would be able to secure a Stadium and the timing was right. Now, it appears as though the MLS has been investigating Baltimore as a possible location for one of it's teams, and that there is a very real possibility that D.C. United could move there, according to Steven Goff of the Washington Post.

“we’ve been saying this could happen,” United President Kevin Payne told the Insider. “This isn’t a game. This is serious. This isn’t a bluff. Part of it is trying to understand what that means for our business. From our point of view, it’s just due diligence. You have to understand your options. We’re trying to understand the depth of interest in Baltimore.”

Baltimore isn't so far away, but it would mean that a lot of United fans int eh D.C. area and more south wouldn't have the opportunity to see their team as frequently as they normally do. They might be able to get a new fanbase up in Baltimore, but it would mean alienating some of the existing group. The guys over at Black and Red United are starting to weigh their options.

Listen. I've lived in Maryland my whole life. I've supported United for its entire life. I will still support that team if its moves to Baltimore, but I know plenty of you feel differently. We'd all love to see our boys stay in D.C. But it may be time to start thinking about what we'll do if they don't.