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Mayor Vincent Gray Says Publicly-Funded D.C. United Stadium In City 'Not Possible'

In a message that may throw D.C. United's future in D.C. in even more doubt, mayor Vincent Gray announced that it will not be possible for the city government to build a stadium in Washington D.C. through public funds. Here's the message he just sent out on his Twitter account.

We value DC United & hope they stay in DC. But District is in a challenging fiscal environment now & publicly funded stadium not possible.

It's worth noting that most fans have closed the book on a publicly-funded stadium and are instead asking for help in pursuing privately-funded avenues and other measures. Gray sent out a second tweet saying the city is still working on finding a solution along those lines.

The club currently plays in the run-down RFK Stadium, but club president Kevin Payne has said that situation is "unsustainable." Several different projects to build a new stadium in D.C. proper have fizzled, with the latest being one being at Poplar Point. Baltimore has recently entered the picture, with MLS recently distributing a survey gauging interest among residents for a possible club there.

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