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Charlie Davies Returns To Training With D.C. United Following Medical Examination

Charlie Davies isn't officially a member of D.C. United quite yet. But he might be very soon.

The hype surrounding Davies' training with the club has quieted down as fans remain quietly optimistic that a deal will be announced shortly. But according to SB Nation's D.C. United blog Black And Red United, fans would be devastatingly disappointed if the deal falls through and Davies does not join United.

Davies flew from United's training camp in Ft. Lauderdale to D.C. for a medical examination on Thursday, and is now back training with the team as of Friday morning. The results of the medical examination aren't expected to be available until after the weekend.

Steven Goff of the Washington Post spoke with United General Manager Dave Kasper about the team's ongoing evaluation of Davies.

Kasper said the club has not decided whether to acquire Davies but that it is "moving towards a finality in terms of making a decision."

Assessing Davies, Kasper said: "He has made a lot of progress in camp. We've been pleased with the physical side of things and encouraged by his performance."

United intends to loan Davies from French club Sochaux for the 2011 season, but Goff also indicated though that some contractual issues in relation to the loan may not yet be finalized.