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VIDEO: Dwayne De Rosario Sets Up D.C. United Goal, Commences Celebration

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It took all of 43 minutes for D.C. United fans to see exactly why the club made the blockbuster trade for Dwayne De Rosario. De Rosario's first D.C. United highlight came near the end of the first half against the Philadelphia Union, when he made a beautiful move to set up Josh Wolff for the easy finish.

It was De Rosario at his best. He received the ball and quickly advanced into the box. As he got closer to the goal, the Union defenders started to converge on him, since he was becoming a real threat. De Rosaio's response was to calmly drag the ball to his left and find a wide-open Wolff for one of the easiest goals he will ever score. Dax McCarty was a wonderful player, but let's be honest: McCarty cannot do that.

Afterwards, De Rosario introduced his new teammates to his typical goal celebration. A GIF of that is below the jump.

Click to play.