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VIDEO: Andy Najar's Rocket Goal From 35 Feet Out Gives D.C. United A Lead

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Dwayne De Rosario's assist on D.C. United's first goal vs. the Philadelphia Union on Saturday was nice, but it's got noting on Andy Najar's goal. Najar's rocket from 35 yards away gave D.C. United a 2-1 lead and has to be in the running for MLS Goal of the Year at this point.

After D.C. United gained possession, Najar dribbled ahead with a burst of speed. Nobody picked him up, so Najar decided to let it fly from way beyond the box. The shot was a rocket and it zoomed right into the top left-hand corner of the net.

The goal also came at an especially important time, because the Union had tied the game up and were starting to get most of the chances. Instead, Najar, who has not been nearly as good this season as he was in his banner rookie year last year, held the Union's comeback attempt at bay with a rocket.

UPDATE: GIF of the goal below the jump.

(click to play)