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VIDEO: Dwayne De Rosario's Winning Goal Vs. New York Red Bulls

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With all due respect to Dax McCarty and his positive attributes, he didn't do anything nearly as skillful, effective, or important as this in his brief tenure with D.C. United.

Dwayne De Rosario already showed what he can bring to D.C. United last week, when he assisted on Josh Wolff's goal against the Philadelphia Union. But on Saturday night, against his former team, De Rosario showed that he can actually put the ball in the net. And do so with some style, too.

There are many wonderful things about this goal. There's the nice sequence of quick, short, passes between Andy Najar, Josh Wolff, and De Rosario. There's De Rosario's subtle little stepover, his driving run into the penalty area, and of course, his pinpoint finish off the post and into the side netting (though given the way United's season has gone so far, I'm sure more than a few D.C. United fans had their hearts in their throats as they waited to see where the ball would end up.

And they say you can't go home again.

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