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The Time When Bill Hamid Thought Juergen Klinsmann Was A Telemarketer

When  D.C. United goalkeeper Bill Hamid saw a call on his phone from a number he did not recognize, his first assumption was pretty logical. 

"I thought it was a telemarketer or something," he said after Thursday's practice, according to Washington Post Soccer Insider Steven Goff. Turns out, the person at the other end of the line did have a special, one-time offer for the 20-year-old Dematha product. Only, it didn't require a credit card. 

The call came from the U.S. Men's national soccer team's new head coach, Juergen Klinsmann, and the offer was for a spot on the team's roster for Wednesday's friendly match against Mexico. 

Hamid's reaction says it all:

"I was shocked. As soon as I heard the voice, I knew it was him. I didn't listen to the rest of the message. I put the phone down and was like staring into a far-off land. I started crying a little bit."

Congratulations to Hamid, and let's hope he never confuses Klinsmann for a telemarketer again.