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George Mason Vs. Northern Iowa: Patriots Trail By 4 At Halftime

The ESPN Bracket Buster event has a tendency to include lots of close games. That's just what happens when you throw together over a hundred teams from mid-major conferences, most of whom have never met before. These teams are all trying to get into the NCAA Tournament, and a win this weekend would be a great way to help do it. While a loss could ruin the hopes for some teams.

GMU isn't necessarily one of those teams. The George Mason Patriots are likely to win the CAA this season. They'll earn the top seed in the CAA Tournament and will probably get an at-large bid into the 68-team NCAA Tournament even if they don't win their conference.

But a loss today to the Northern Iowa Panthers would end the Patriots' 12-game winning streak, and surely wouldn't help their confidence heading into the final portion of the CAA season. The Panthers, who are undefeated at home in non-conference action, lead 36-32 at halftime..

Andre Cornelius and Kwadzo Ahelegbe each had 13 points in the first half.