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George Mason Vs. Ohio State: Luke Hancock Not In Starting Lineup, Status Uncertain Due To Illness

The George Mason Patriots may have an even taller order if they want to beat Ohio State in the 2011 NCAA Tournament. Luke Hancock, the star of the team's 61-57 win over Villanova on Friday, is not in the starting lineup because of illness.

Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times reports:

Luke Hancock is ill and still at the team hotel. Doesn't mean he won't play, but he won't start.    

Isaiah Tate will take Hancock's place in the starting lineup. It's not immediately clear what Hancock's specific illness is at this point, but it has to be relatively serious if he is still at the team hotel just under 40 minutes prior to game time. He has struggled at times with a shoulder injury, but this appears to be different.

Losing Hancock would rob George Mason of its best offensive initiator and a major matchup issue for teams on the perimeter, due to his size.