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NCAA Tournament Scores, Ohio State Leads George Mason 24-20 Midway Through First Half

This year's self-annointed George Mason, No. 8 seed ... George Mason, trails No. 1 seed Ohio State 24-20 at the midway point of the first half. An 11-2 start for the Patriots quickly evaporated behind a 10-0 Buckeyes run, but as they did in the 2006 tournament, George Mason has righted the ship and trail by just four midway through the first half

Friday's hero Luke Hancock did not start the game, as it is being reported he has the flu and is in the team hotel. Reports indicate he may arrive and play in the second half, however. Ryan Pearson (five points) and Mike Morrison (four points on first two buckets of the game) have led the Patriots.

Buckeyes star big man, Jared Sullinger has had an extremely slow start, with just four points and three rebounds. "Jess Settles Honoree" David Lighty leads the Buckeyes with 12 points, on four made triples.

Anyone know if Luke Hancock is a Willis Reed fan?