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George Mason Has Won 16 Straight, Will They Keep Winning?

With their win today over Georgia State, the George Mason Patriots have now won 16-straight games en route to the CAA Semi-Finals. As of right now, the Patriots show no sign of stopping. Today's win wasn't even close. Neither were the Patriots' most recent wins over Old Dominion and Virginia Commonwealth, the two schools most likely to meet George Mason in the CAA Championship.


So will the Patriots ever lose? Probably. We don't expect them to win the NCAA Tournament. Do we?


Perhaps George Mason would be better off losing a game so they don't have the pressure of the winning streak entering the Big Dance. I'm reminded of another Patriots team that faced a similar situation - the New England Patriots. They'd won 18-straight games before losing to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLIV. GMU will be in the exact same position entering the NCAA Tournament if they win the CAA title as we expect. Had New England lost a game prior to the start of the playoffs, they may have fared better in the Super Bowl.


The story is a bit different for George Mason though. For New England, anything short of a Super Bowl victory would be considered failure. But George Mason has already accomplished more than anyone would have expected. So we say keep winning. Let the streak ride.