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Jim Larranaga Could Double His Salary At Miami, According To Reports

Jim Larranaga is reportedly ready to accept the head coaching position at the University of Miami. According to Brian Mull of Star News Online, there were a few factors that led to Larranaga's departure from George Mason.

A source I spoke to Thursday afternoon said Larranaga, 61, was unsatisfied with the salary package for his assistant coaches and also wanted to make sure George Mason continued its commitment to basketball on par with the other elite schools in the Colonial Athletic Association.

George Mason is one of the few elite teams in the CAA that either doesn't have a practice facility at all, or is at least in the process of constructing one. That lack of commitment is likely one of the reasons that Larranaga decided to seriously consider other opportunities. It is also worth noting that Larranaga is slated to make twice as much at Miami than he made while he was at George Mason; one of the perks of moving up into a power conference I suppose.