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Luke Hancock Receives Permission To Look To Other Schools, But Hasn't Transferred Yet

George Mason basketball forward Luke Hancock, the team's third-leading scorer and leading assist man last season, has received permission to look to transfer, according to the school. He has not yet decided whether he is indeed leaving, but the signs are strong that he will. 

Via Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times:

Mason spokesman on Luke Hancock: "He requested permission to explore his options and it was granted to him. "At this point, all he is doing is looking. In no way shape or form has he decided to leave."

On the surface, that should comfort George Mason fans a little bit. However, Brian Mull of the Star News, who initially reported Hancock's desire to transfer, says Hancock is weary of new coach Paul Hewitt's system.

I've spoken to multiple people in last two days who have told me Hancock wants out. Doesn't feel he fits in new system.    

Mull reports that Hancock is looking at high-major programs, with Virginia leading the list.