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Georgia Tech Basketball's NCAA Violations Affect Former Coach Paul Hewitt

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The focus of the NCAA violations involving Georgia Tech center around the football team, but the basketball team also were hit with some violations during the time that current George Mason basketball coach Paul Hewitt coached there. The violations aren't serious and will only serve to hamper current Georgia Tech coach Brian Gregory in his recruiting efforts, though not significantly.

However, the one interesting thing about it is that Hewitt's buyout with Georgia Tech could technically be terminated if he was fired "with cause." Does this count? Here's the relevant section of his contract.

Willfully violating an NCAA or ACC regulation or rule which results, after hearing, in probation or loss of scholarships or knowingly allowing a member of the Men's Basketball coaching staff to engage in conduct which results in similar sanctions; provided, however, that "Cause" shall be deemed to exist only after Hewitt has been given written notice of the basis upon which "Cause" is deemed to have occurred and thirty (30) days have expired since Hewitt's receipt of such written notice without Hewitt having cured such circumstance that has been alleged to constitute "Cause" and further provided that the President of the Association or the President's designee approves that such "Cause" exists.Should Hewitt disagree with the Association's assertion that "Cause" exists, Hewitt may, within ten (10) days of receipt of such written notice, give written notice of his objection to the Association and seek arbitration pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

Is that enough to forego the buyout. SB Nation Atlanta says probably not. So don't worry, George Mason fans. Hewitt is still going to make a lot of money from Georgia Tech to coach your team.