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Miami Football Investigation Could Affect Miami Basketball, New Coach Jim Larranaga

Jim Larranaga, who bolted George Mason to become the head coach at Miami, is now likely caught picking up the pieces after some of his predecessors were named in the Miami football investigation.

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The main part of the Miami investigation involving tons of illegal benefits allegedly provided by booster Nevad Shapiro involves current and past Miami football players. However, there is a very good chance the basketball program will be involved. Former head coach Frank Haith and two other assistants were involved in the Yahoo! Sports investigation, as was a former recruit who was allegedly paid to attend the school.

You can read more about those violations on Haith's player page. While football is expected to take the brunt of the blow from the NCAA, the basketball program will most certainly receive sanctions as well. That's bad news for a man the D.C. area knows well: Jim Larranaga.

You may remember how the longtime George Mason coach abruptly left the program early this summer to take the job at Miami. At the time, it looked like a step up in the ACC. In light of the recent investigation, though, it looks like Larranaga will have to carry the baggage his predecessors left behind.