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George Mason, VCU Deny Having Discussions To Join Atlantic 10

George Mason athletic director Tom O'Connor released a statement on Monday that Mason has not had any discussions in joining the Atlantic 10. This is contrary to reports over the weekend that both CAA powers had been in talks in regard to joining the A-10 starting in 2013.

In addition to that, sources at VCU have claimed that the school has not had any discussions with the Atlantic 10 either. In an article by Tim Pearrel of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Pam Lepley, the university's executive director for university relations, strongly denied the report that VCU's Board of Visitors has spoken twice about moving conferences.

The report said VCU's Board of Visitors had met at least twice about making the move to the A-10. Pam Lepley, VCU's executive director for university relations, said in an email that was not correct.

"All of this speculation is internet chatter," the source said.

To be fair though, that is how a lot of realignment begins. But if this idea gains enough traction and the Atlantic 10 really wants to have these teams, they will find some way to get them into the conference.

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