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CAA Commissioner Tom Yeager: 'I Don't See Any Of Our Teams Moving'

After rumors surfaced over the weekend that VCU and George Mason had discussed jumping to the Atlantic 10 conference, CAA Commissioner Tom Yeager came out with guns blazing Monday afternoon in a media conference call.

Both schools had already played down the prospect of a move earlier Monday, but Yeager was apparently in a mood to leave no doubt.

Per Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times:

"Both schools indicated there were no truth to the rumors," Yeager said. "They are not exploring other options. In combination with conversations over the last couple months and weeks, they're not looking to go anywhere else and they don't have an offer that would turn their heads. We didn't hold hands and take blood oaths or anything. I take them for their word."

Yeager's vehemence is not surprising. The CAA recently signed a five-year television deal with NBC Sports Group, largely due to the fact that both George Mason and VCU have made the Final Four since 2006. If both departed for the A-10, that would go a long way towards undoing all of Yeager's good work.

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