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Midnight Madness 2011: George Washington Opens New Season With Colonials Invasion Friday Night

The 2011-2012 season for the George Washington Colonials tips off Thursday night with Colonials Invasion at the Smith Center

It's that time of year again, baby! Midnight Madness festivities usher in the new college basketball season Friday  night at college campuses across the country. George Washington's version of Midnight Madness, dubbed Colonials Invasion, will take place place at the Smith Center in Washington D.C. Friday night upon the immediate conclusion of the GW women's volleyball match against Fordham, which starts at 6 p.m. Capital Funk (the university's hip-hop dance team) and the GW Spirit Program are scheduled to perform.

The school's athletics website has a frequently asked questions and information section that can fill you in on whatever other details you might have before heading over to the Smith Center for some fun and games. It will be the first time GW fans have the opportunity to watch new head coach Mike Lonergan work with his squad.

Say what you want about all the conference realignment drama, but once the games actually begin on the college hardwood, many of fans' complaints and preoccupations will go out the window as they cheer on their school in one of organized sports most well-balanced and fair products, college basketball.