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Atlantic 10 Tournament 2011 Bracket And Schedule For Quarterfinal Action

In some ways, the smaller conference tournaments are more exciting than the bigger ones. The 2011 A-10 Tournament features a bunch of teams that are scrapping to get into the tournament, while the bigger tournaments are going to be decided between teams that pretty much have a spot in the Big Dance all sewn up. Not that a conference tournament title isn't enough motivation for them, but when you're playing to keep your season alive (NIT doesn't count, for this example anyway) it provides an extra element of suspense. Here is the schedule for today's quarterfinal action.

Dayton Vs. Xavier, Noon: Xavier is the top seed and should be favored pretty heavily in this game. Dayton has a pretty solid player in Chris Wright, but that's about it. But again, teams do funny things when a win helps get them into the NCAA Tournament.

St. Joseph's Vs. Duquesne, 2:30: St. Joseph's is coming off their upset of George Washington, and are the lowest seeded team remaining in the tournament. Duquesne should be favored in this game as well, but we saw how that worked out for George Washington.

La Salle Vs. Temple, 6:30: Temple is the last team ranked in the top-25, and they have a spot in the tournament sewn up. Having said that, they have too much talent to really let La Salle hang around in this one.

Rhode Island Vs. Richmond, 9: Richmond is on everyone's bubble. A win over Rhode Island isn't particularly impressive, but a loss to them could be crushing.

We'll be updating this Stream with all the scores and updates as they become available.