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Atlantic 10 Tournament 2011 Schedule And Bracket: Remaining Teams Head To Atlantic City

Part of the local interest might be gone now that George Washington has been eliminated, but the 2011 A-10 Tournament still has some intriguing games left. They take a couple days off today as all the remaining teams travel to Atlantic City for the rest of the tournament, which look like this.All of these games will be played on Friday.

1 Xavier Vs. 9 Dayton, Noon.

12 St. Joseph's Vs. 4 Duquesne, 2:30 p.m..

2 Temple Vs. 10 La Salle, 6:30 p.m..

6 Rhode Island Vs. 3 Richmond, 9 p.m..

The semifinals and the final will be played over the rest of the weekend. Richmond is still in the hunt for an NCAA Tournament spot, so their remaining games in this field will be very important. If they can at least make the final, it will go a long way in securing the coveted at large bid. We'll be covering their progress, as well as the rest of the tournament results, in this story stream.