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Mike Lonergan Press Conference: Coach Says George Washington Basketball Is 'Dream Job'

Mike Lonergan was formerly introduced as the new George Washington basketball coach in a press conference Monday afternoon, and besides spending time talking about the recent coaching changes in the region, Lonergan affirmed that there is nowhere he would rather be than George Washington. Via Kathy Orton of the Washington Post:

"I've always talked about this being my dream job," he said. "GW has always been special to me."    

Lonergan has local roots, having coached at Catholic University for 13 years and grown up in Bowie. Walking with a limp after a knee injury, Lonergan discussed the importance of stepping up his recruiting efforts to attract higher-level talent to Foggy Bottom. Via the AP:

"We're going to try to get the word out there that we want to compete with all those school in the recruiting battles," Lonergan said. "At Vermont I always said I had to get low-Big East and A-10 players. Here we're to have to some Big East-type players if we want to win the A-10. I definitely know what I've gotten in to. It can be done here."    

Here is the complete video of Lonergan's introductory press conference, via George Washington's athletics web site