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Wale Will Be Performing At Georgetown Midnight Madness

It's already mid-October, which means the real Midnight Madness season is about to begin. This is no disrespect to the Washington Wizards, who put on a pretty cool show earlier last month, but nothing they could have done would hold a candle to a high-major college basketball Midnight Madness. 

Need more proof? Guess who is performing at Georgetown's Midnight Madness tomorrow.

@Wale - You ready to rock McDonough? #MidnightMadnessless than a minute ago via web


Yup, it's our favorite D.C. rapper and non-Wizards fan Wale. SB Nation's Hoyas blog Casual Hoya was the first to mention this a while back, and now, it's apparently confirmed.

Obviously, this is a huge get for Georgetown, and it dwarfs anything any other college program is doing for their Midnight Madness tomorrow. If one were to measure local college programs by the quality of entertainment at their kickoff event, then it's clear which program dominates this city. 

(Yes, I know, they don't measure local college programs that way. Chill out, Maryland fans).

HT: Casual Hoya, of course.

UPDATE: Below the jump, here's your promo.