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College Basketball Rankings: Gerogetown Still Ranked 20th, Maryland Receives Votes

The first in season AP College Basketball poll of the year is out and not much has changed from the preseason incarnation. That's probably because not a single team that started in the season in the top 25 suffered a loss during college basketball's first week.

Georgetown is still ranked as the 20th best team in the nation. In their first and only game of the year, Georgetown struggled with Old Dominion and was only able to eek out a three point win. It's not exactly an encouraging sign, but the pollsters didn't think it enough to drop Georgetown at all in the rankings.

Three wins, of which only one was impressive, have propelled the Terps into the rankings for the first time. Well, not really the rankings, but they are starting to receive votes. The Terps got 3 votes in the recent poll. That sounds all well and good, but keep in mind that is the same number of votes as Ohio (University, not St.) and Utah St.. But what can you expect after a narrow one-point win against the College of Charleston? The Terps have a great shot to break into the rankings this week when they face Pitt.