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TCU Joins Big East, Georgetown Gains A New Basketball 'Rival'

Even though the T in TCU stands for Texas, it appears the Horned Frogs will be joining the Big East Conference starting in 2012.

The move is borne from the football team's need to play in a BCS automatic qualifying conference, and the Big East is one that will likely provide little resistance for the Frogs march to legitimacy. But they will be joining the Big East in all of their other sports as well, which brings the conference's basketball team total to a ridiculous 17. So let's take a closer look at Georgetown's newest conference rival (boy does that sound weird) the TCU Horned Frogs.

The TCU basketball team finished the 2009-10 season with a 13-19 record, and a 5-11 mark in conference. They were 0-6 against teams in the AP top 25 and just 3-10 on the road. That's not very good. Those road games are going to be getting a lot tougher too now that they will be played against teams like Georgetown and UConn as opposed to Air Force and Colorado State. In the program's entire history, the Horned Frogs have made the NCAA tournament just seven times.

Taking a look at their basketball prowess (or lack thereof) reminds us of just how much of a football decision this was.