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VIDEO: Chris Wright Sends Georgetown Into Overtime With Game-Tying Three

For college students, the week after Thanksgiving is one of the toughest. Final projects are turned in and studying for finals begins. College basketball players not only have to worry about tests in the classroom, but tests on the floor. Georgetown got just that Tuesday night against No. 9 Missouri. Luckily for the Hoyas, Chris Wright helped them make the grade.

It looked like Georgetown, a school with a highly-regarded educational reputation, would ace this test after leading Missouri 38-20 in the second half. But the Tigers came roaring back and took the lead in the second half, even holding onto a four point lead with less than a minute. Yet, the Tigers faltered and Wright was there to help the Hoyas cram, making up for lost time and sending the game into overtime. It was there that these determined students would close the book on Missouri.

After next week's written tests, the Hoyas will have several on-court exams to conquer. For this team to excel, Georgetown must continue to work hard and study their lessons in practice. Graduating with a national championship is something to hang on your wall.