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Hollis Thompson's Poor Decision At End Of Georgetown-Temple Game

So the Georgetown Hoyas lost 68-65 to a very good Temple team that hasn't lost at home in their last 11 contests. As Casual Hoya writes today, it's okay. Really, it's not the end of the world. Georgetown wasn't going undefeated, and you can learn from early-season game. Let those jerks storm the court if they want and use it as a growing experience moving forward. 


Hopefully, Hollis Thompson is one player that learns from last night's game. With the Hoyas down by one point in the final seconds, Thompson broke the play and made a strong move to the basket. He got by his defender, and found himself in the paint. A Temple defender stepped up to cut off the drive, leaving Julian Vaughn wide open underneath the hoop. But instead of dishing it off to him, Thompson went up for a twisting layup that missed badly, ending the game.




You could certainly blame John Thompson III for not calling his final timeout to set up something for either Chris Wright or Austin Freeman. But first and foremost, blame goes to Thompson for not making the right decision. Hopefully, he learns from it like the rest of the team learns from its loss.