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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Georgetown Moves Back Into The Top Ten Of The AP Poll

Last week were all up in arms because Georgetown fell a handful of spots after its loss to Temple. How could it be? Temple is a good team, did Georgetown really deserve to fall all those spots because of that? Well, the AP has remedied that mistake this week, as Georgetown moves all the way back into the top ten.

Was it the impressive wins over Appalachian St. and Loyola (MD) that pushed them back over the top? I don't think either of those wins are marquis enough to move Georgetown all the way back up into the top ten on its own. Maybe the voters at the AP realized that Georgetown just had no business being ranked in the mid-teens. Here are the complete rankings:

1. Duke (64)

2. Ohio St. (1)

3. Kansas

4. Connecticut

5. Syracuse

6. Pittsburgh

7. San Diego St

8. Villanova

9. Missouri

10. Georgetown

11. Kansas St

12. Michigan St

13. Kentucky

14. Purdue

15. Baylor

16. Memphis

17. Minnesota

18. Texas

19. Tennessee

20. Florida

21. Illinois

22. Notre Dame

23. Brigham Young

24. UCF

25. Texas A&M