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Georgetown Vs. Notre Dame: Fighting Irish Hold Slim Lead At Halftime

In a defensive matchup in which both teams have occassionally struggled with their shooting, Notre Dame holds a six point lead entering halftime in South Bend.

Both teams are shooting under 34% from the field. Georgetown has especially struggled mightily from behind the three-point line, making just three deep shots out of 16 attempts.

Notre Dame's Tim Abromaitis leads all scorers with 11 points, but neither team has been dominant in this early but critical Big East matchup. Austin Freeman is the top scorer for the Hoyas thus far with seven points, but he has already missed two free throws and has not been shooting well consistently.

The Fighting Irish will hope to remain in the top 25 with a win, while Georgetown hopes to move up to catch fellow Big East stalwarts Connecticut and Pittsburgh, each of whom are ranked among the top five teams in the country.

There's plenty of time for the Hoyas to get back in it, but being down by six points on the road in a hostile environment is no great place to mount a comeback.